In order to further expand its mineral wool board production ability, enhancing the added value of the mineral wool industry plate products at the same time, the company's new construction project, annual output of 140000 tons of mineral wool insulation board issue of annual output of 70000 tons of hot mineral wool insulation board, 3, 4 # production line to start at the beginning of April 2018 in overall process arrangement, begin in mid-may civil construction, equipment installation and debugging The construction and preparation work of homemade parts in the electric furnace workshop was officially ignited on March 19, 2019 and entered the trial production stage. After a period of debugging and production, the equipment of mineral wool insulation board no. 4 production line is running normally at present, and the project has achieved successful trial production and smooth operation.

Design is aimed at the beginning of the project in the cladding insulation board in the high-end product design, project in the original process was carried out on the basis of improvement, the center of the project adopted the new spray adhesive technology and adopted the China shipbuilding industry corporation 7 0 2 research production line and production process, the project will produce high value-added of exterior wall thermal insulation plate, the plate market will greatly improve the company profit margins of mineral wool board quickly and technical value, thus for further toward high-end mineral wool industry company to lay a solid foundation.


Three characteristics of mineral wool board

one、Sound absorption and noise reduction: the mineral wool board has developed internal micropores, which can effectively control and adjust the indoor reverberation time by reducing acoustic reflection and eliminating echo. The average sound absorption rate can reach more than 0.5

two、Fire safety: fire prevention is the primary problem in the design of modern public buildings high-rise buildings, mineral wool board is made of non-combustible mineral wool as the main raw material, in the event of fire will not produce combustion, effectively prevent the spread of the fire, is the most ideal fire material

three、Energy conservation and heat preservation: adopt the pure cotton production technology with higher mineral wool fiber content, so that mineral wool board has higher thermal resistance, not less than0.23(㎡·K)/W,It has better energy conservation and insulation effect and is the most ideal energy conservation and insulation material


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