Jiaocheng yiwang ferroalloy co. LTD-mineral wool product

Pay city righteousness at ferroalloy co., LTD mineral cotton factory is in the company around the core business of ferroalloy, adhere to the business philosophy under the guidance of sustainable development strategy of the production of the new building materials professional manufacturers, is committed to energy conservation and environmental protection green building materials research and development production and application promotion, at present has formed annual production capacity of 75000 tons of mineral cotton, is the nation's largest production base of mineral wool products have been widely used in the construction industry hollow gap filling heat preservation sound insulation sound-absorbing and other projects; It is also the first choice of high quality materials for soilless cultivation in agriculture

Factory covers an area of 50000 square meters, with mineral wool cotton products workshop workshop dedicated transport fleet insulation engineering design and installation construction group, has the high intensive scale compared with the traditional production process automation level, the direct use of molten slag, my company use of smelting waste heat, to eliminate the solid slag melting process, can substantially reduce production inputs and pollution emissions, realize the harmless recycling mineral cotton production, saving BiaoMei 18000 tons, in accord with national policy of sustainable development of energy conservation and emissions reduction at the same time taking ferroalloy slag as main raw material to produce mineral cotton does not contain formaldehyde Harmful material such as benzene, with low content of slag ball fiber diameter small pure color etc, and has certain elasticity and softness, suitable for all kinds of shapes of filling materials, thermal insulation and sound absorption project can be further processed into various shapes of special-shaped heat/cold insulation sound-absorbing products, so that the application of the construction is more convenient

For the future, the company will continue to adhere to study the innovation development idea, has innovation as the power, has focused on the professional attitude to do strongly does mineral wool the company in 2014, the company launched the mineral cotton factory, a new round of development planning in the next five years, the company will further expand the mineral cotton production, efforts to extend industry chain, achieve from a single mineral cotton production to the forming of mineral cotton and its products line to achieve With a production capacity of 150,000 tons of mineral cotton and 300,000 tons of mineral wool board, the sales revenue has reached 2 billion yuan, becoming the general operating target of one of the modern thermal insulation materials factories with the largest liquid thermal loading of ferroalloy waste residue and the most complete mineral cotton products in China